About Barrett Burston Malting

A pioneer in Australian malting since the 1860s, Barrett Burston Malting continues to lead the industry in product quality and customer service.

With 260,000 tonnes of malt production capacity, Barrett Burston Malting is a major supplier to the domestic brewing industry and has been one of the leading providers to key Asian export markets for many years.

Barrett Burston Malting’s focus on customer service begins with barley breeding. The company’s joint breeding efforts help bring new varieties to market and lead the way to achieving superior product quality.

Barrett Burston Malting traces its heritage back to the 1860’s when the Burston, Hood, Smith and Barrett families established the commercial malting industry in Australia.Barrett Burston is the second largest malt producer in Australia, with a production capacity of 260,000 tonnes per annum or 30% of Australian malt production capacity.

Barrett Burston Malting malt houses are located in Geelong (Victoria), Welshpool (Perth) and Pinkenba (Brisbane).

The largest Barrett Burston malt house is located at Geelong, in Victoria, on land adjacent to the GrainCorp Geelong export grain elevator. GrainCorp has been providing malt barley receival, storage and elevation services to Barrett Burston in Geelong since the malt house was commissioned in 1985. Since commissioning, the Geelong plant has been continuously updated with the latest technology and services, making it one of the leading malt houses in Australia. The most recent addition in 2010 was an 86,000 tonne per year malt house at Pinkenba in Brisbane, Queensland), is located on land adjacent to the GrainCorp Pinkenba port terminal, and services domestic brewers and the Asian export market.

Barrett Burston supplies Pale malts, Wheat, Crystal and Dark Roasted malts for Australia’s largest domestic market brewer, for the Australian craft brewery market, and for export to Asia Pacific.