Geelong Maltings is located on the outskirts of the provincial City of Geelong in the State of Victoria.

Situated 70km southwest of Melbourne on Corio Bay, this maltings was first commissioned in 1985. It underwent an expansion in 1994, which increased the annual production capacity from 75,000 to 100,000 tonnes of malt. A roaster for specialty products such as crystal, roasted barley and black malt has also been installed to service the requirements of a growing market for new beers.

A traditionally formatted maltings comprising 8 x cylindroconical steeps, 4 x Saladin germination boxes and 2 single deck circular kilns.

State-of-the-art computer control from barley intake through to barley cleaning, processing, storage and outloading of the finished malt ensure that precise processing parameters are achieved to give a consistent product.

In line with the company’s policy to produce and supply malt to customers’ requirements, the Geelong Maltings is certified to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001.

Plant Manager –  Paul Malone

Production Capabilities

The malthouse combines precise process control with high capital efficiency. At Geelong the conversion of barley into malt begins at the Wetting Steeps where cleaned barley is subjected to steeping programs of up to 38 hours.

At the completion of the steeping program, the batch is conveyed to one of the four conventional germination boxes where it remains for four days. Kilning completes the process and is carried out over twenty hours. The entire plant is computer monitored and is designed for maximum economy in the utilisation of all resources.

Barley Receival
Strict control is applied to all incoming barley. Raw material quality control encompassing varietal purity, appearance, protein content, moisture germination capacity and screenings content is closely monitored for adherence to our malting barley specification. Prior to processing, grain is physically screened and dressed
Batch size is 320 Tonne with a 48 hr maximum steeping cycle.

Steeping configuration incorporates 8 x 80 Tonne capacity conical steeping tanks with multiple immersion steeping, aeration and CO2 extraction. Steeping program and steep temperatures are monitored continuously. Steep grain is dry transferred to the germination boxes

The plant runs four saladin boxes with up-draught ventilation, each box holding one batch. Temperature control of humidified air is maintained through a refrigerated cooling system with a warm air recirculation facility. Box germination duration is 4 days
After germination the malt is transferred to the kilning stage. Here one batch is split between two pressure kilns. Kilns are indirectly fired by anox natural gas burners and are strictly monitored. Usual kilning time is 20 hours. Warm air recirculation is incorporated during the kilning cycle and the kilning program can be dictated by air-off RH reading
Onsite bulk malt storage capacity is approximately 6000 Tonne via gas tight metal silos and metal holding bins. All malt despatches are weighed across the on-site state-of-the-art weighbridge.

Cnr Mackey & McLeod Streets
North Geelong VIC 3215

GPS Coordinates

South: 38° 6′ 55.544”
East: 144° 21′ 29.153”